Super 8 digitally treated.

Recording the minimalistic soundtrack for the Super 8 A Maze of Being experience documentary.
80's synth via casette tape digitally sampled and treated. May add acoustic instrumentation. Love that haunting hiss!

As of this week we have lift off.
New teaser at Vimeo to celebrate:
Stay tuned as we prepare to go intergalactic over A Maze of Being.

Shot the Agfa Moviechrome on a day that did indeed positively eventful for A Maze of Being. Sent it and a Kodachrome cartridge off to be developed and transferred for editing. 75% chance it will work. Stay tuned!

A sealed Agfa Moviechrome Super 8 cartridge. I hope to shoot this stock (weather permitting) in Belfast during a week that should, hopefully, prove eventful for the A Maze of Being experience.

Was looking at these vintage magnetic cine title boards online yesterday: way too pricey.

Today I walked into an Antrim charity shop and there was one just sitting there!

Fate? Karma? Chance?

You decide!

Simply super (8) continued…

Partially exposed Boots Movie Chrome cartridge.

Digitally edited charcoal sketch of the first amateur cine camera I owned.

Shot what was remaining of the partially exposed Super 8 cassette yesterday morning around a deserted Antrim. No guarantee it will work but the conditions were beautiful.

Received a sealed cassette this morning bearing a fine, fine vintage.

Another partially exposed cassette is on the way and that will complete my Super 8 stock.

Just sayin'.

Following on from yesterday’s camera discovery, I located a slightly battered Super8 cartridge.

I have no way of knowing how much unexposed film is left or if it will develop successfully in the end but I intended to start work on a short, experimental documentary on the Maze of Being experience.

Stay tuned!

Amateur Hour

Film will only became an art when its materials are as inexpensive as pencil and paper.
-Jean Cocteau

Anybody can make movies with a pair of scissors and a two-inch lens.
-Orson Welles

These familiar but still pertinent quotes always end up rolling around my head at some point when contemplating the globalimageswamp.

A beautiful Super8 camera in near mint condition I discovered in a local charity shop today.

The wheels are turning.

Somewhere in the 1970s. A lacklustre kids birthday party. Bored, I went exploring. Someone groovy had set up a Super8 projector as a distraction. I was the sole punter for an afternoon of vintage Felix The Cat cartoons. Something powerful clicked that day. Something to do with the power of moving images and the power of animation.

A big thanks to all at Antrim re:store for helping in getting the word out in the local community about A Maze of Being. I have stumbled across many great finds in this asset to the town.

“The transformation of waste is perhaps the oldest preoccupation.” – Patti Smith

Another volume that might be of interest to those trying to forge an alternative route through the worldimageswamp is the late critic and practitioner Stephen Dwoskin’s 1975 survey of experimental film, Film Is.

This is a very inspiring and thought provoking endeavour mapping the margins of alternative moving image making decades before youTube could even be contemplated. These artists fought many odds to bring their personal and passionately felt visions to life.

This book drastically altered the course of my life after I chanced upon it in Belfast junk shop at a key turning point in my creative development.

I always buy it if I see a copy and pass it on as a present.

I posted a few days ago about the potential need to create moving images that feed our collective spirits and imagination rather than befoul and diminish them now that we have such sophisticated tools of creation and distribution within immediate and constant reach.

If you too are trying to remain positive and creative in the overload the book Expanded Cinema by the late American critic and theoretician, Gene Youngblood (whose portrait I have digitally rendered in image two) is pretty inspiring.

Published in 1970 this beautiful designed volume catalogs and dissects developments in the fields of experimental film, video and computer graphics.

It looks forward to a progressive, creative, inspiring and collaborative future art.

Open its pages and dream…

Getting files ready for a big day in the development of the A Maze of Being experience.

I grew up loving the film medium.

I found the whole topic tremendously exciting but the idea that you could actually produce even the most primitive cinematic droolings was pretty outlandish.

It was an arcane and distant form of alchemy best left to mysterious, scientific, gatekeeper wizards.

Its all different now, of course. Radically so.

Sometimes it seems like we’re drowning in a screaming sea of visual overload and rash, ill-judged opinions.

This intriguing little book came into my possession in the mid eighties. It gave me a small but crucial push into thinking film-making might be an actual possibility if one was focused, dedicated and thrifty.

There’s no excuse now.

Maybe we need to learn more about what moving images to make that will actually be beneficial for us as a species.

It’s funny how things come and go…

Your Book of Film-Making was written by Christopher Priest and published by Faber & Faber in 1974.

I like to practice the creative concept of 'Psycho-geography" even if the term itself is rather unwieldy.

Taking a walk.

Exploring familiar territory with new eyes and an open mind.

Making connections.

Getting fresh ideas from the firmament and the ether around you.

I personally think it’s true that you can generate a very full and rich sense of both yourself and the world without having to travel huge distances.

There is so much going on around us on every level in every direction all the time if we open our senses.

The world is ours to discover and remake.

Anyone for a derive around the Maze of Being?


Funky portraits of the late, great, stop-motion pioneer, Ray Harryhausen and 2D hand-drawn champion, Don Bluth.

I met both these animators at Queen’s University, Belfast during the opening pages of the final chapter of the 20th Century.

The thought you could make an animated short, independently, was pretty outlandish back then.

Times have certainly changed, but my encounters with these celebrated practitioners inspired and maintained the notion that I could, maybe, produce something beyond the most rudimentary dabbling alive during a long stretch when that notion was a pretty impossible one.


All the video shops in The Maze of Being have been closed for awhile now but you can check out our newfangled video channel on Vimeo (I’ve reedited stuff and uploaded new promos over the past few days):