Do you remember Billy’s Cafe?

It’s kind of cosmic, round here.

It tends to also get overloaded (from time to spacetime).

Everything’s glitched round these parts.

Like I said, glitched.

Teaser A

Start Image / Development Process

Teaser B

Teaser C

Where will it take YOU?

Is complete.

Stay tuned…

Early 3D model test.

Storyboard example.

On location, Banks of Lough Neagh.

Abandoned character concept.

Some of the earliest images produced for M.O.B.

Storyboard example.

Abandoned character concept.

Rough test image.


It’s a theeHyperstation production, alright!

Isolated/treated storyboard panel.

Electric Dreams!

Final Abandoned Character Concept.

Behind the scenes. Elements from the glamorous world of no budget special effects creation.

Just lookin'

Storyboard remix.

Thought lost, one of the earliest development images from the project.

Beautiful reject: inspiration IS to be found on the streets of the Maze of Being with the right eyes (and ears).

Development image.

A triptych of frames from an early animation test.

A Maze of Being

A place for materials relating to the forthcoming, completed, mixed-media, animation project, A Maze of Being.